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          Heat Shrink Tunnel

          Heat Shrink Tunnel

          • T- Series Turbine Heat Circulation Shrink Tunnel

            • Turbine heat circulation system design.

            • Reduce heating time.

            • Lower heat lost.

            • Diminish the use of electricity.

            • The lateral air flow directions are adjustable.

            • Bottom air flow strength can be manipulated.

            • Different conveyor systems are available (live roller, stainless steel or teflon mesh).

          • Standard Heat Shrink Tunnel

            • Conveyor speed is driven by a variable speed motor for easy adjustment.

            • Use of stainless steel heating tube.

            • Thermostat used to ensure temperature consistency.

            • Equipped with live roller. Stainless steel and teflon mesh is available if necessary.

            • An economical packing solution.