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          Plastic Packing Machinery

          • T- Series Turbine Heat Circulation Shrink Tunnel

            • Turbine heat circulation system design.

            • Reduce heating time.

            • Lower heat lost.

            • Diminish the use of electricity.

            • The lateral air flow directions are adjustable.

            • Bottom air flow strength can be manipulated.

            • Different conveyor systems are available (live roller, stainless steel or teflon mesh).

          • High Speed Side Sealer Continues Motion

            • Packing speed: Max 120package/min.

            • Quick change of infeed system for different products Power conveyor provides the easiest connection with existing production line. Finger chain conveyor normally uses for printing product with addition friction feeder Flight bar conveyor applies to multipack of different products’ height and shape.

            • Simple setup system and operation through user friendly touch screen design.

            • Ease to recall package memory on the touch screen.

            • Diagnostic features on the touch screen.

            • Suitable for printing, paper, food, beverage industrial.

          • Automatic L-Bar Sealer

            • Consistent sealing process.

            • Pillars drive design provides excellent stability and durability.

            • Seal seam is neat and fix without fold line.

            • Automatic film advance system.

            • Two sets of photoelectric sensor system automatically compensate for package length change.

            • Tool-less change over with scaled adjustments throughout.

            • Different brands of shrink film is acceptable.

            • Suitable for Toy, Daily Goods, Electronic Products.

          • Automatic Side Sealer

            • Machine can run random products of infinite length.

            • Sealing line can be adjusted in the middle of the product.

            • Servo driven insures consistent seals.

            • Conveyor speed can be moderated to suit for the production.

            • Excellent perforation designed allows pin changed easily.

            • Touch screen with set-up product memory and machine diagnostics.

            • Speed up to 60 ppm.

            • Suitable for unlimited length of products.

          • Sleeve Wraping Machine

            • Touch screen design.

            • Heavy duty frame structure reduces vibration.

            • Easy operation and maintenance.

            • Collective packaging to reduce production costs.

            • Special sealing knife designed strengthen the sealing line.

            • Straight-infeed system and angle-feed system are available.

            • Suitable for packing of bulk, heavy products, using PE shrink film.

          • Standard Heat Shrink Tunnel

            • Conveyor speed is driven by a variable speed motor for easy adjustment.

            • Use of stainless steel heating tube.

            • Thermostat used to ensure temperature consistency.

            • Equipped with live roller. Stainless steel and teflon mesh is available if necessary.

            • An economical packing solution.