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          Polyolefin Shrink Film

          • Standard Polyolefin Shrink Film

            With excellent clarity, JHG-01 is a strong, bi-auxially oriented, heat shrinkable film. 

            Shrinkage is balanced and stable during packaging.It is soft, flexible and not embrittle in low temperature after shrink. It ensures your product to be better protected and does not give off any harmful gases. It is compatible with most shrink-wrap equipment, including semi-automatic and automatic system. 

            Thickness: 10mic, 12.5mic, 15mic, 19mic and 25mic

          • Cross Linked Polyolefin Shrink Film

            With crosslink technology, JHG-02 is the universal film. This versatile shrink film is designed to be very user friendly. JHG-02 offers excellent shrinkage & burn through resistance, strong seals & a wide sealing temperature range, and outstanding puncture & tear resistance. It is suitable for nearly all packaging systems in use today.

            Thickness: 10mic, 12.5mic, 15mic, 19mic and 25mic.

          • Anti-fog Shrink Film

            JHG-03 is an ideal overwrap for refrigerated foods. This anti-fog film resists water condensation build up on the film surface allowing refrigerated products to remain visible in the retail display case. It is compatible with all nearly all packaging machinery.

            Thickness: 11mic, 15mic.

          • High Performance Shrink Film

            JHG-04 has excellent low shrink temperature capabilities, hot slip with soft,quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage, JHG-04 performs perfectly and has good lower shrink force.

            Thickness: 10mic, 12mic, 15mic ,19mic &25um.